Bringing Back the Middle Class

A Voice for the 99%

Help elect a progressive Democrat to represent one of the most diverse areas of the Pacific Northwest. The status quo is no longer good enough; we can do better!

Meet Dan

Daniel Smith is a Progressive “Berniecrat” Democrat, running for the 9th Congressional District seat of the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s running because he believes one of the most diverse districts in the country deserves a better, more progressive vision.

voters_guide_2.5x3_danBorn in Edmonds, raised by his high school teacher father and stay-at-home mother, he attended Woodway High School and later Shoreline Community College and Western Washington University. In 1988, Dan joined the Washington Air National Guard where he served as a telecommunications and radar tech until 1997, working on US Air Force installations all over the world.

After serving in the military, Dan went on to work in the telecommunications field. Once the recession hit, he took the opportunity to work as a defense contractor in Afghanistan until 2011. Today, Dan works in the steel industry. Formerly a member of IBEW and CWA, Dan believes in a strong trade unionist movement.

The presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and the resulting “Political Revolution” is without question the biggest reason Dan is running for congress. Dan believes we need regular, middle class people to stand up and run for office. This is the only way to ensure that working families and their needs are represented in government.

Dan lives in Beacon Hill with his wife, two kids, and the family dog, Boowa.

This campaign is about all of us

The 9th Congressional District is home to the most diverse neighborhoods in Seattle, and one of the most diverse zipcodes in the entire nation. We deserve the most progressive representation in congress. This campaign is being built without accepting any contributions from billionaires or millionaires. This means NO defense industry money, NO PAC money, and NO Wall Street money. Just us.

Are you ready to show that elections can be won by regular people?