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The political revolution will not happen from the top down; it will be from the bottom up! Join us today and make a difference in the 9th congressional district.

Volunteer Today!

Thank you for taking part in the political revolution here in Washington’s 9th Congressional District!

Please sign up below to volunteer, and someone will be in contact soon. In the meantime, please help by spreading word of our campaign. Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or join a volunteer-run Facebook group. Fans have taken to using the hashtag #WeWantDan!

Small campaigns like this rely on word of mouth and small, local endorsements. Our opponents have millions of dollars and are backed by giant corporations — we’re relying on small donors and volunteers like you! We’ve also pledged to run a strong, positive campaign and stick strictly to the issues that affect the residents of the 9th.

Thank you so much for your help and dedication in keeping Washington progressive.

In solidarity,

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